Keep on the Shadowfell

To Winterhaven
Our group:
  • Vimak Lokag – Warden
  • Gronk – Shaman * Funion – Bard
  • Quarion the Brown – Ranger
  • Press Start – Sorcerer

Offensive Response has defeated a band of kobold brigands on the way to Winterhaven. Marla, of the great church – a young priestess of the good deity Pelor, has been worried about a group of death cultist suspected to have gone that way. While dispatching the kobolds, they discover a knife, engraved with the letter “O” on it – suspecting this has something to do with the dark deity Orcus.

In Winterhaven, the heroes learn that although none of the town’s inhabitants know of a death cult, they are quite worried about a precipitous increase in kobold attacks. Something is amiss. They visit Wrafton’s Inn where they speak with Eilian the Old. He suggests that the travelers must be mistaken about death cultists. There have never been any death cultists, at least as long as he’s been around. Valthrun the Prescient tells a similar story, but seems much more cryptic in his answers.

The city’s ruler, Lord Padraig, doesn’t have time to talk about death cultists and other nonsense, but sends Offensive Response on a mission to find the kobold lair and dispatch the remaining beasts. He promises them a reward of 150 gp for successfully completing the mission.

On their way to the kobold lair, the five are ambushed by kobolds. Offensive Response defeat their attackers after a heroic struggle, and find a necklace around the neck of a kobold wyrmpriest, carved in obsidian, with a picture of a skull and rams horns – the symbol of Orcus.


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